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Remember Me?

The man…the myth…the music…the maniac. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, it is our pleasure to re-introduce you to the reason your kids cut school, the reason why the middle finger has once again become the premier sign of non-verbal expression; Emin-fuckin'-em.

It's been over a year since the world has first been ticked off by the angst ridden hijinx of Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, aka Slim Shady. When he last left you, his debut album, The Slim Shady LP sold over 3 million copies, garnered 2 Grammy Awards-Best Rap Album and Best Rap Artist-and changed hip-hop's views on a white rapper (Oh yeah, and he got an MTV award…in Europe, too).

Things just ain't the same for pranksters:

A lot of shit's taken place since Eminem's debut hit the fan in February of 1999. A couple of memorable appearances here, a lil' criticism there. A little lawsuit here, a little finger pointing there. It doesn't matter though.

" I was worried for a minute cause I was like 'now I got the fame, now I got the money' and I'm not gonna have fuel anymore. I won't have no more problems. What am I gonna have to talk about? But then, with the fame came so much bullshit. So much criticism, so many people pointing their finger and judging me. That just gave me more shit to talk about…it inspired me more."

Thanks to these unexpected turns of events, Em now has enough ammo to create The Marshall Mathers LP.

" As vulgar as it was and as out there as it was, my last album was a bit more on the comical side. It's like really punch-liney. Like "ha ha," funny type shit that made people laugh. But this album, I've been through more in the past year than I've ever been through in my life and I was angrier at shit than I was on the last album."

While some multi-platinum hip-hop artists fail to come with a second album capable of out-shining their first, Em has absorbed the hardships that success had to offer and unleashed it on this 18-cut masterpiece.
"Hi kids, do you like violence?"

As expected, the album jump-starts on a twisted note with "Kill You," an off-beat-on-beat gem in which Em immediately addresses issues such as the highly publicized lawsuit from Mama Mathers. To quote a line from this song would be a make us an accessory to the song (a crime within itself) so we'll just move on.

Another standout track is the eerie " Stan," which is one of the most vivid tales ever told by any artist. Produced by the legendary Mark the 45 King (Jay-Z, Latifah…), Eminem uses the morbid background to speak on the topic of obsessed fans. At seven minutes length, the song takes listeners through the disturbed mind of Stan, an overly obsessed fan who sees Eminem in a god-like fashion. The story unfolds as Eminem steps into the mind of Stan. The results are a vivid and emotional trip that is sure to raise hairs.

More anger is beautifully expressed through the album's title cut, "Marshall Mathers," an acoustic-driven tune in which Em retorts on everything from the current state of hip-hop to lawsuits to infamous Eminem haters, Insane Clown Posse.

"Even though with my first album I went from being poor to rich, from being nobody to somebody, I still wasn't as pissed off as I am on this album, cause I've had a lot more built up inside me. I've seen a lot more just being out there in this business is so fuckin' crazy. I've had so much shit to talk about…"

If there's any ounce of "joy" on this album it's about 2 percent of "I'm Back" and the album's first single, "The Real Slim Shady."
"Dre taught me things that I would never know had I not met him. He brought my fullest potential out; everything that I could possibly have in me. I learned to do things with my voice that I never thought possible. Before I used to just rap…I was good at rhyming words. Now I think I'm able to rhyme a word with a certain attitude that I didn't have before."

The Diggy-Doc's presence on this album is felt at full capacity as he, along with his pyro-producing apprentice Mel-Man, take helm of the sound on seven cuts (four more than Em's debut). He also appears to spit a few bars with Eminem (along with Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Nate Dogg) on "Bitch Please 2," a superb sequel to Snoop's 1999 hit "Bitch Please."

Other appearances include RBX and Sticky Fingaz on "Remember Me," and Eminem's Detroit supergroup D-12 on "Under The Influence" and "Amityville".
D-12 (Dirty Dozen) are a collection of sickos from Slim's hometown to be released on Em's Shady Records imprint. Lead by Em, the group consists of the Source magazine's Unsigned Hype alumnus Proof, Bizarre, Swifty, Kuniva and Kon-Artis. Though only counted at six, each has an alias, thus doubling the head count to 12.

Those who were in awe at Em's uncanny delivery on Biggie's "Dead Wrong" (remix) and Dr. Dre's now classic " Forgot About Dre" will truly appreciate his cadence on tunes like "The Way I Am" and "Who Knew." Both songs show the progression he's made from an emcee who spits on tracks to an emcee who makes music through words. When the topic of elevation in character comes up, Em is quick to point the finger at his mentor, Dr. Dre.

"Cause I'm just Marshall Mathers…"

A product of Detroit, MI-by way of Kansas City, MO,-Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1973. A quick glimpse of the Breakin' Soundtrack, courtesy of his late Uncle Ronnie, was all young Marshall needed to know the game of rap was his life. A vagabond childhood would be the cause of Em's angry characteristics on the mic. Convinced that emceeing was his callin', Em went through the rough process of being a white rapper trying to make his name known in a predominantly Black market by taking on other emcees in spots like Detroit's now defunct Rhythm Kitchen, The Shelter and Maurice Malone's Hip-Hop Shop. After taking out virtually anyone who contested his skills, Em eventually made his way to the Rap Coalition's Rap Olympics, an emcee battle in which teams of five take each other on.

In early 1995, Em had taken his income tax return from his burger-flippin' job at Gilbert's Lodge in Detroit and pressed up the scarce 12'inch single "Backstabbers" b/w

"Biteaphobia". He later aligned himself with Mark and Jeff Bass (The Bass Brothers) and released his full-length debut, Infinite, in late 1995. A few month's later, while in the confines of his bathroom, Em created his alias: Slim Shady. He released the Slim Shady EP in the fall of 1997, in 1998 he received the Source magazine's prestigious "Unsigned Hype" honors. Em's golden moment came while making a memorable appearance on Sway and Tech's "Wake Up Show." With the whole of Los Angeles tuning in, Eminem gave it his all to a point where the-then reclusive Dr. Dre heard him burn the mic at the station and inquired about that "ill-ass white boy".

After a solder-like tour of duty through hip-hop's underground, Slim was signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records, where he released The Slim Shady LP. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts and went on to sell over 3.5 million copies. The album introduced the world to hip-hop's new clown prince of rhyme. With letting the world paint that picture of a clown, Em followed it up with no-nonsense appearances on Dr. Dre's The Chronic 2001, Notorious B.I.G's Born Again, Sway & Tech's This Or That and the "Bad Meets Evil" single with Detroit conspirator, Royce the 5'9". That anger eventually surfaced during the recording of his highly anticipated follow-up for the new millennium.

"I think I'm starting to grow up finally. I grew up a lot on since the last album and I wanted to show people that I can be funny and shit like that, but that was then this is now. I wanted this album to be more serious and have a better feel to it than the last album. Say shit that people could feel in their hearts. Be more straight up with my shit instead of all punch-liney-happy-go-lucky-everything is funny. On this album, it's angrier, it's more energy…more force. It was like 'alright all jokes aside'."

Thus, presenting "The Marshall Mathers LP." He's baaaaaaack!!!

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